Find the Whales

Find the Whales

A free educational mobile game about ocean conservation.

The game now has a Mesoamerican Reef region in-game location and is available for Windows computers from STEAM. If the game store webpage links don’t work in your country, just visit the webpage of the store you usually use, sign in and search Find the Whales Thought Generation to find the game.

Explore real habitats. Find real creatures.

From the non-profit organization Thought Generation, the creators of the popular educational game Find the Birds, comes Find the Whales: a game about exploring the ocean and understanding the problems that threaten it.

Created by Adam Dhalla, it features realistic habitats, creatures & conservation quests, Find the Whales is a bridge to greater awareness of the natural world. It is a way to introduce generations, young and old, to the beauty of the ocean and why it needs our protection.

Find the Whales is an ongoing project, adding new locations/birds/quests. It’s a zero-carbon & COVID-19-safe digital educational tool & also provides much-needed paid jobs for students & recent grads in the game design/art/tech sector.

Educational & Engaging

With images and video, each creature found in the game has an accurate and interactive collector card.